Joe Biden: Jobs Picture Looks Bad
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According to the Vice President, the jobs lost in the ”Great Recession” aren’t coming back, which suggests dire unemployment far into the future.
Biden: We Can’t Recover All the Jobs Lost, CBS News, June 25, 2010

Vice President Joe Biden gave a stark assessment of the economy today, telling an audience of supporters, ”there’s no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession.”

Appearing at a fundraiser with Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.) in Milwaukee, the vice president remarked that by the time he and President Obama took office in 2008, the gross domestic product had shrunk and hundreds of thousands of jobs had been lost.

”We inherited a godawful mess,” he said, adding there was ”no way to regenerate $3 trillion that was lost. Not misplaced, lost.”

With a truly bleak jobs outlook extending years into the future, wouldn’t it make sense to enact a moratorium on legal immigration to protect American workers? Even socialist Spain has restricted immigration to defend its jobs from foreigners, so why can’t America?

Legal immigration remains stubbornly on auto-pilot, to the great detriment of citizen workers. That fact does not speak well of Washington, which won’t even debate the idea of locating the Off switch.

The proportion of foreign-born workers is the highest since the 1920s, one in six. At the same time, the real unemployment rate is estimated to be 16.6 percent.

Yet an obvious partial solution is not even discussed – that of creating a moratorium on legal immigration for the duration of the recession. Legal immigration remains on auto-pilot despite the jobs carnage.

It would also be helpful to liberate the 7-8 million jobs unlawfully occupied by illegal aliens (according to Pew Hispanic Center) to free them up for unemployed Americans. Wouldn’t a government that is responsible to its people choose citizens over foreigners?

If that isn’t bad enough, some of the richest, most powerful elites are lobbying for a massive amnesty for 20-30 million aliens. Well, why should the richie rich care about overpopulation when they can jet off in their private plane to the deluxe vacation home.

The chart below is not the most up to date, but the trend is unmistakeable.

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