JEWISH JOURNAL: "Who Is The Mysterious Shiksa Girlfriend Of Israel’s Boy King?"
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The blonde in white
From the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles:
Sandra Leikanger and Yair Netanyahu: Who is the mysterious shiksa girlfriend of Israel’s boy king?

By Simone Wilson

Norwegian news outlet Dagen is reporting that 23-year-old Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister's eldest son and baby-faced prince of Tel Aviv nightlife, is going steady with 25-year-old Sandra Leikanger, a Norwegian communications major he met while the two were studying at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel.

... The scandal? The First Girlfriend is (allegedly) a white-hot Norwegian shiksa.

What's more, the L.A. Jewish Journal can exclusively report that the two have been hanging out since at least the first week of July 2013. ...

That same night, the First Son's bodyguard, hanging back in the crowd, told me wearily that his young boss had been staying out until dawn multiple nights per week. Netanyahu's firstborn also goes to IDC, which everyone knows is host to the nation's highest concentration of hot chicks and rich kids who like to party.

So congrats, Miss Norway, on taming Israel's devilish boy king. ...

The Israeli media is reporting that Leikanger's older sister, Ida, also lives in Israel and has converted to Judaism. The two girls reportedly grew up in an Evangelical family in the quaint Norwegian port town of Grimstad.

Religious and right-wing members of the Knesset, Israel's version of parliament, are of course making a monstrous stink about the mere prospect of muggle babies diluting the Royal Family. Apparently, matters of lesser importance like peace in the Middle East must take a backseat to one pretty Aryan threat to the bloodline.  

... Netanyahu, however, whose second marriage was to a shiksa from England, seems unfazed.

I did not know that.

Dad Bibi's love life has been pretty energetic. From Wikipedia:

Netanyahu's first marriage was to Miriam Weizmann, who he met in Israel. ... The couple had one daughter, Noa (born 29 April 1978). In 1978, while Weizmann was pregnant, Netanyahu met a British woman named Fleur Cates at the university library, and began an affair. His marriage ended in divorce soon afterward, when his wife discovered the affair. In 1981, he married Cates, but the couple divorced in 1984. In 1991 Netanyahu married his third wife, Sara Ben-Artzi, a psychology major working as a flight attendant, whom he met while traveling on an El Al flight from New York to Israel.[39][172] ... 
This article in The Times of Israel claims that Sara entrapped Bibi by getting pregnant:
“She had a plan. He didn’t have a plan. He’s very clever in some ways and very unpredictable, maybe stupid, in others,” says a former Bibi staffer. “She got pregnant. He didn’t have any serious intention of marrying her. She basically trapped him, and for some reason she was very surprised when another woman trapped him later.”
Back to Wikipedia:
In 1993, Netanyahu confessed on live television to having had an affair with Ruth Bar, his public relations adviser, claiming that a political rival had planted a secret video camera that had recorded him in a sexually-compromising position with Bar, and that he had been threatened with the release of the tape to the press unless he quit the Likud leadership race. The crisis eventually subsided, with Benjamin and Sara repairing their marriage, and Netanyahu was elected. However, in 1996, reports emerged of his "close" 20-year friendship with Katherine Price-Mondadori, a married Italian-American woman.[172]
  I don't know, but I'd bet Putin's personal life is comparably chaotic.
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