Jennifer Rubin's Pollaganda: "The Loudest Voices"
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Jennifer Rubin on Twitter:

I find it difficult to imagine a conversation in which the loudest voice wouldn't be Jennifer's. In this case, she's touting (loudly) a poll of Republicans who are asked if it wouldn't be better to do something  (i.e. amnesty) even it's imperfect. They answer "yes", but it would be more useful to see how many of them, for example, would support a ramped-up deportation program.

That would be doing something.

Update: In more realistic polling news, reports

A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that only 39 percent of Americans want an immigration bill that cuts illegal immigration by only 50 percent from current levels as the Senate’s recently-passed “Gang of Eight” bill would do.

Poll: Support for Senate Immigration Bill Plummets.

[By Matthew Boyle, July 10, 2013]

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