Jeff Bezos's Ex And The Nice White Lady Menace
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I can’t myself see anything wrong with making fun of mean black ladies, especially when they’re as mean as Letitia James.

However, to ward off suspicions of racism, I’m going to go on record as stating that whatever the threat to our personal convenience and the general social order posed by mean black ladies, it pales by comparison … Wait a minute … ”It pales” … that doesn’t sound right. … Er, it’s a bagatelle—there you are, a bagatelle, which I don’t believe is any particular color—that mean black lady threat is a bagatelle by comparison with the threat posed by nice white ladies.

Case in point: Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, 53-year-old MacKenzie Scott. Ms. Scott did exceptionally well from the 2019 divorce, taking home 35 billion dollars in Amazon stock. She has since give scads of that money away to charities.

What charities? Need you ask? This is a Nice White Lady we’re taking about here. An analysis of the latest $640 million in donations shows that, in the Daily Mail’s careful phrasing  ”at least half of that money tilts in one direction.”

Further edited extracts from the Mail report, quotes:

Most glaringly, amid the biggest catastrophe at the US border in decades, Scott has given $122 million to funds supporting illegal migrants … Another $117 million was gifted to at least 67 so-called ”prisoner advocacy groups” … Perhaps most controversially, $18 million of the $72 million earmarked for LGBTQ causes goes to funds that help out transgender athletes amid a culture war over preserving sports for biological women … At least $18 million of Scott’s cash will go out to groups promoting clean energy projects …

End quotes.

So: cartloads of cash for illegal aliens, convicted criminals, guys pretending to be girls so they can get swimming trophies, and climate-change cultists.

Ah, the menace of the Nice White Lady!

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