Jay Nordlinger Goes Off The NRO Reservation
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Is there something going on at National Review Online?  Positive mentions of Peter Brimelow and Samuel Francis in the same week and no response from Rich Lowry and the Cultural Marxists.  Just how does Rich Lowry make his decisions on whom to purge?
NRO October 25, 2014 by Jay Nordlinger
A Question of the Hour
In recent years, I’ve had several occasions to go to Norway, and a visit to that country will make you think about immigration, assimilation, and all that jazz. So will a visit to Holland, for example. Anyway, I returned from Norway a couple of days ago...
Will Europe be that way? Will Norway still be Norway, only in hijab?
Okay. This brings me to American politics of the moment: President Obama is apparently planning big immigration changes after the congressional elections. He will effect these changes by executive order. I think it’s perfectly kosher to ask him and the Democrats right now, before November 4, “What exactly do you guys intend? What kind of America do you want?”
I don’t think that raising such concerns makes you a Klansman. And if they tell you you are, tell them to stuff it.
Well, will Rich Lowry come down like a Stalinist on Nordlinger for daring to question the orthodoxy on race and culture as he did on John Derbyshire?
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