Jason Steorts And Frank Sinatra
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Apropos of Brother Brimelow's blog post about Jason Lee Steorts, who got the vapors because Mark dared to tell the truth about Organized Sodomy's attack on Phil Robertson, I would add that Steorts' final words were a shot at Mr. Steyn for retelling a joke—which he can't bring himself to repeat—that was part of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra's routine for 25 years.

The joke is

Dean Martin: (mixing a drink) “How do you make a fruit cordial?”

Frank Sinatra: “I dunno. How do you make a fruit cordial?”

Dean Martin: “Be nice to him.”

This joke, Steorts sniffed, was "puerile."

Methinks the girly-boy doth protest too much.

I had never heard of this strutting prig before I read Brimelow's post, and I doubt anyone else has either.

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