James O'Keefe/Osama Bin Laden Crosses Southern Border
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James O'Keefe, disguised as Osama Bin Laden, crossed the Mexican border without any trouble and put it on video.

In his latest video, investigative journalist and activist James O’Keefe dresses as Osama bin Laden and splashes across a knee-deep river into the United States.

Border patrol agents are nowhere to be seen as the conservative filmmaker aping the dead terrorist crosses the upper Rio Grande.

O’Keefe, known for headline-grabbing probes that often feature disguises and trickery, released the video Monday through his group Project Veritas to illustrate the lack of security along the U.S.-Mexico border in West Texas.

Though most immigrants who cross the southern border without legal permission are citizens of Mexico or other Latin American countries, people from South Asia and Africa are among those recently apprehended, according to press reports.

[James O'Keefe Crosses the Rio Grande in Bin Laden Costume, by Steven Nelson, US News & World report, August 11, 2014]

This is a positive trend for O'Keefe, as he often falls into the Beltway Right trap of trying to prove liberals are actually "racist," to the indifference of the mainstream media.

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