Why Texas Is Passing A Law—100,000 Illegals Have Left Arizona, And They May Not Have Gone Back To Mexico
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This may be why Texas is passing an immigration enforcement law—illegals in Arizona have been leaving, and they have to go somewhere. (They should, of course, go back to Mexico, where they have homes, families, and citizenship.)
Arizona immigration law provoked exodus of Hispanics: study

(AFP) — 1 hour ago

PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico – A controversial immigration law in Arizona has likely provoked the voluntary departure of 100,000 Hispanics from the southern US state, according to a study released Wednesday.

"Several months after the law was applied, it's possible to observe a lower number of Hispanics in that area of America. We estimate there are 100,000 less Hispanics compared to the start of 2010," said the report by the private BBVA Bancomer foundation, released at the two-day Global Forum on Migration and Development, in the Pacific resort of Puerto Vallarta.

"It's possible that this reduction is largely due to the potential application of the law," the report said.

It was unclear where those who left Arizona had gone, but most were probably elsewhere in the United States, it added.[More]

George Borjas was writing about this in 2008—see A New Trend In Illegal Immigration on his Borjas Blog.
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