What's Wrong With This Headline?
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This story is from Western Canada, where immigration used to mean farmers from the Ukraine and one (1) Chinese restaurant per largish town. Calgary, Alberta is due north of Missoula, Montana:

Calgary's immigrant women face challenges

Updated Sun. Feb. 15 2009 1:13 PM ET

The Canadian Press

— Cultural differences, poverty and language barriers are placing many immigrant women at risk of domestic violence with no easy way of getting help, say Calgary aid officials.[More]

What's wrong with it is that its not the immigrants who have the problem. They're in Canada, where they can get welfare, and maybe divorce the husband who is beating them. At home they'd have worse problems, although they'd at least speak the language, and few of the same solutions.

It's Canada that's facing challenges. Sometimes extreme challenges, as in the case of the Chinese immigrant who beheaded a fellow bus passenger in that part of the world, and sometimes just regular challenges, where they have immigrants who need money. But it's not the immigrant's problem. It's Canada's.

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