North Hollywood Shootout–Immigrant Mass Murder Epic Failure
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Steve Sailer writes

The Norwegian killer’s assault is reminiscent of the 1997 shootout in North Hollywood, in which two steroid-using, body-armor-wearing bankrobbers fired 1,101 rounds of ammunition at the LAPD. At the time, they were assumed to be the first of an inevitable wave of unstoppable Terminator-like criminals. Fortunately, 14 years later, they remain the American high-water mark for criminals who could have appeared in a Michael Mann movie like “Heat.” Hopefully, Breivik will remain an outlier.The American Conservative » Breivik’s Brain.

If you’re not familiar with the North Hollywood Shootout, you should know that one of the shooters, Emil Decebal M?t?s?reanu, [Pictured] was a Rumanian immigrant, which explains the funny letters in his last name.

He was an immigrant, the son of Rumanian refugees, and clearly alienated from American society, which is one the prerequisites for “immigrant mass murder.”

And the North Hollywood Shootout would definitely be a case of “immigrant mass murder”…if the gunmen had actually succeeded in killing anyone with those 1,101 rounds of ammunition. As it is, if insert it in the chart, it will have to have a “0? in the deaths column. That comes under the heading of “Epic Fail.”

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