Montreal Massacre: 80's Immigrant Mass Murder In Canada Remembered
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In 1989, in Montreal, Quebec, a man called Marc Lepine, (birth name Ghamil Gharbi) murdered fourteen female engineering students, and wounded ten other women and four men with a Ruger Mini-14. Canada responded by restoring the death penalty and restricting immigration from misogynist Muslim countries. No they didn't—that's an "inappropriate" joke.

What they did was, they restricted the Ruger Mini-14. Now that's an inappropriate joke.

It need hardly be said that when you read about this in the MSM, it's either a feminist story (about how actual Canadian men are somehow guilty) or a gun story (about how Canada's already savage and ruthless gun laws haven't gone far enough.) Kathy Shaidle knows better:

I almost forgot: it's 'Never Hear the End Of It Day'
Every year I post my old stuff (and other people's) about the Montreal Massacre, which was carried out by Marc Lepine Gamil Gharbi, the son of an immigrant Muslim wife-beater. I hope the cowardly men who obediently walked out of the classroom continue to be wracked with guilt and shame at their wimpiness.

One of those links goes to a couple of blog posts by me. I wrote about this phenomenon at greater length in Arab Gunman, Nigerian Gunman, And The MSM.

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