Mark Steyn And Enoch Powell
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I listened to Mark Steyn on Milt Rosenberg's program, and someone asked Steyn where his accent came from. Steyn is a Canadian citizen who lives legally in New Hampshire, which means he has a green card and a hell of a lot of red tape. As both Peter Brimelowand John Derbyshire have pointed out, this is a lot harder than being an illegal alien.

Mark Steyn's accent neither Canadian nor New Hampshire, it's an English accent, hard to understand for some people—no challenge for someone like me who talks with Peter Brimelow on the phone every day.

This has led his haters to say things like "I didn't realize he sports a fake British accent," and "Why does Mark Steyn have a freaking British accent??"

Steyn says his accent comes from spending some of his formative years in Britain, where he went to the same school that J. R. R. Tolkien had gone to, and used the same Ancient Greek dictionary Tolkien had used.

I looked it up, and the school Steyn went to (King Edward's School, Birmingham) is also the school that Enoch Powell went to, many years earlier. I wonder what the SPLC will make of that?

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