John Derbyshire Video On Birthright Citizenship
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John Derbyshire and Will Cain discuss birthright citizenship, and the Turkish hotel chain that advertises birthright citizenship packages.


The discussion, taped last year, was inspired by George Will's Washington Post column An argument to be made about immigrant babies and citizenship, By George F. Will, March 28, 2010.

That in turn was inspired by Lino Graglia's Texas Law Review article BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP FOR CHILDREN OF ILLEGAL ALIENS: AN IRRATIONAL PUBLIC POLICY, [PDF] of which the immigrant enthusiast law professor Kevin R. Johnson [Email him] said

Professor Graglia, a long vocal advocate for ending race-conscious affirmative action, apparently is attempting to expand his list of enemies to include immigrants.

But of course if Graglia is a loyal American, dedicated to the rule of law, illegal immigrants are already his enemy.

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