Jackson Still Doesn't Get It
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Ok, set aside the legal mumbo-jumbo.

Set aside the dazed and confused jurors who consider their personal feelings about a key witness to be a determining factor.

And set aside (please!) the mad, money-scamming, finger snapping mother who makes me wish that stupidity was criminal offense…

Yes, Michael Jackson was acquitted of 10 different charges of sexual molestation (and related offenses) but so what. Those were criminal charges in a court of law which is tantamount to what I would call splitting gnats-ass hairs.

There is an issue of social and ethical propriety here that Monsieur Moonwalk just doesn’t get.

In an AP interview released last night, Jackson’s lawyers said that the experience has changed Jackson…for the better.

“the pop star is going to be more careful from now on and not let children into his bed anymore because "it makes him vulnerable to false charges."

Hmm. Sharing a bed with other people’s children might leave him vulnerable to false charges. Who ever would have guessed???

And by the way IT’S DISGUSTING and DEPRAVED you dim-witted, knuckle-dragging Neanderthal of an attorney!

There…I feel better.

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