Jack Kerwick On Frank Borzellieri And The Death Of Free Speech In Townhall.Com
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Jack Kerwick has a column on PC victim in Townhall.Com:Frank Borzellieri And The Death Of Free Speech, in which he writes
Back in 2011, Frank Borzellieri was terminated from his position as principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a predominantly black and Hispanic Catholic elementary school located in the Bronx, New York. The Daily News charged Borzellieri with “white supremacy,” the Church to which Borzellieri devoted his life upheld the conviction, and that was that. Yet the charge was baseless and the conviction cruelly unjust. Borzellieri is the author of six books, some of which treat racial and cultural issues. His great sin seems to consist in the fact that he dared to note that there are interracial IQ differences that correlate to some extent with other social indicia. In this, however, he joins every other scientist who takes this data for granted. To name just a few examples: The Bell Curve authors, Charles Murray, an American Enterprise Institute Scholar and the 2009 recipient of the Irving Kristol Award, and the late Richard Herrnstein, a Harvard professor; MIT scientist and best-selling author Steven Pinker; and Thomas Sowell, the black “conservative” economist, nationally-syndicated columnist, and Hoover Institution fellow have been saying for decades nothing particularly different from anything that Borzellieri has written.[More]
Of course, even if Borzellieri hadn't known about the IQ gap before he started teaching at minority schools, he would have quickly found out. You can't hide baldness from your barber. But there's no evidence that he was anything but a good teacher and principal in those schools, although the fact that the was teaching minority youth was one of the reasons for the hate campaign against him. See previous coverage of Borzellieri's case—actually multiple cases—here, and note that where Kerwick's article says that there's a GoFundMe page for people to donate in support of Borzellieri, it's actually a PayPal link at Cultural Studies Press here.
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