"J.T. Marlon" And The SPLC
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The top story in today's Washington Post:

Immigration Overhaul Supporters Ratchet Up Rhetoric
By Spencer S. Hsu

In a sharp change of rhetoric by liberal supporters of an immigration overhaul, advocates Monday called a main opposition group a "hate group" based on its founder's ties to white supremacists and interest in racist ideas, such as eugenics. ...

In an ad published in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call and a teleconference with reporters planned later, America's Voice, an umbrella group of immigrant advocate organizations, is accusing the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a prime lobby for reduced immigration, of leading xenophobic efforts to lower the number of Hispanic people in the United States.

"The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is designated a HATE GROUP by the Southern Poverty Law Center," the ad reads, citing a December 2007 listing by an independent group based in Montgomery, Ala., that monitors racist groups. "Extremist groups, like FAIR, shouldn't write immigration policy," the ad concludes.

Ah, yes, the good old SPLC, which was Martin Luther King Jr.'s organization. No, wait ... that was the SCLC, the Southern Christian Leadership Council. The SPLC wasn't founded until three years after MLK's death. It's like in the movie "Boiler Room" where the penny stock peddlers work for a firm named "J.T. Marlon" to get the easily confused to confuse it with J.P. Morgan.

This reminds me of an email that a blogger forwarded to me from someone saying he was Morris Dees, founder of the SPLC. Morris asked the blogger to spy for him on a book he had reviewed. Morris emailed:

Could you elaborate just a little on how X indicates he's open to the idea of there being racial differences in IQ. Amazon.com doesn't allow me to search inside Y, but this passage I found in X's previous book, Z, seems to indicate X favors a strictly environmental explanation.

C'mon, Morris, you've got more money than God. If you are considering launching a hate campaign against Professor X for being open to the idea of there being racial differences in IQ so you can get more donations from senile rich liberals who can't tell the SPLC from the SCLC, then buy the damn book yourself and have one of your staffers read it for you.

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