Italy's Surplus African Immivaders - Being Reserved For Hillary Administration Importation?
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H/T pic and caption Sunday Express

In January I wondered Why Is Merkel Turning Germany Majority Non-White In A Generation? Now the invaluable webzine The New Observer (and almost nowhere in the MSM that I can see) has reported Merkel Agrees to Take Italy’s Invaders August 27, 2016.

The Angela Merkel government will take in thousands of invaders currently in Italy—even those who are obviously not “refugees” in any sense of the word.

The invaders—who illegally entered Italy by boat—will start being transferred directly from September this year…

German foreign minister Thomas de Maiziere, speaking at a summit in Rimini, apologized to Italy because Germany had not taken in all of the invaders from Italy that it said it would, and that this oversight would be corrected.

While bad for Germany,  as it stands this agreement will do little to clean up Italy - because at present it is limited to Syrians, Iraqis and Eritreans.

Italy’s main problem is Black Africans coming from North Africa. The numbers are alarming. See

Italy Braces for 10,000 Invaders a Week The New Observer April 4, 2016

3,000 Invaders a Day Landing in Italy The New Observer April 15 2016

Italy crisis WORSENS as 25,000 migrants arrive in ONE MONTH by Joey Millar Sunday Express Sun, Aug 13, 2016

Significantly, as I was looking for illustrations of the Africans arriving for this blog via Google Image, I found almost none from this year. There were plenty for 2014 and 15. This reminds me of the sudden shift to only publishing photos of ‘refugee’ women and children last year as the Merkel immivasion got underway.

This no accident, Comrades!

Someone has plans for this Black influx - allowed by the Libyan policy “blunder” (we hope) by the Obama Administration: H. Clinton, Secretary of State. Too much publicity is unwelcome.

Who? I stand by Looks Like George Soros Owns Hilary Clinton As Well As Angela Merkel.  While political advantage might encourage President Hillary act as I suggested in How Long Before Black Caucus Demands Hillary Brings in Europe’s Surplus African Immivaders?  one also has to account for the recklessly extreme 'No Borderism' of the Democratic Platform.

 We already know Hillary is corrupt. The key to her Administration’s immigration policy probably lies in Merkel: Gone Mad—Or Bribed? GOP Example Suggests The Latter.

And here are all these wonderful Africans neatly accumulated in Europe! So much pleasanter for the Refugee Industry!

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