"Italy’s Mafia Learns to Profit from the Migration Crisis"
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From the Financial Times:

Italy’s Mafia learns to profit from the migration crisis

… Those funds have proven irresistible to the Mafia, according to Italian prosecutors and watchdog groups, who say criminal groups have succeeded at rigging the awarding of the contracts for the management of migrant reception centres in several high-profile cases.

“This is a very widespread problem. Welcoming migrants has become a big business,” says Gabriella Stramaccioni, who is charge of social policy at Libera, an anti-Mafia organisation. “We believe many centres are involved, in several cities,” she adds.

In one intercepted phone call released by Italian police last year, Salvatore Buzzi, a leftwing social activist who served time in jail for murder in the 1980s, remarked: “Do you have any idea how much I earn on immigrants? Drugs are less profitable.” Mr Buzzi, who was arrested, denies any wrongdoing.

He’s fighting racism and envibrantizing Italy’s white bread culture.

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