Italy: Politician Suggests No-immigrant Buses to Protect Women and Italians
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In Italy, the criminal behavior of immigrants on public transportation has become so extreme that a politician has called for separate coaches for women and Italians. Violence against the public is a way that the increasing Muslim population shows that it is taking over, neighborhood by neighborhood, or bus by bus.

The idea of separate vehicles is hardly without precedent, since Mexico City started offering women-only buses a few years ago for a harassment-free alternative away from the famously rude piggy-men of Latin America. (See Mexico Lechery-Free Transportation Update and Mexican Men Are Fenced Out and Mexican Women Are Thrilled.)

In 2009, it was reported that the Italian town of Foggia began a segregated bus line “for the safety of the migrants” according to the mayor.


The need for such segregation demonstrates the failure of diverse immigration in Europe. Attacks on passengers are reported, although it’s likely that the media keeps the lid on such incidents so the populace will not further doubt the imposed ideology of “diversity” in the form of Islamic immigration.

Below is a video from 2010 illustrating a diverse public transportation experience in France — Muslims On Board!

The original article in Italian is here.

A delegate from the italian Northern League in Milan proposes to keep subway coaches only for italians due to the bad behavior of immigrants,, July 9, 2012

A delegate from the Italian Northern League in Milan proposes to keep subway coaches only for italians due to the bad behavior of immigrants

The Northern League delegate Matteo Salvini proposed today to keep some subway coaches in Milan only for Italians and women due to what he called “bad behavior of immigrants”.

Salvini had no doubts in linking the rising lack of safety in the streets with the immigration phenomenon, to the point of declaring that “in ten years, natives from Milan will be a minority” and they will end up traveling separately in the subway just like crippled and disabled veterans in past times.

“If immigration is not stopped, then we will reach this point”, he assured. Meanwhile, “we ask for one or two coaches to be reserved for women, taking into consideration those hundreds of denounces for aggressions, sexual molestations, insults and bothering comments they have to endure every day”, he specified. 

Salvini’s provocative suggestion has generated a huge controversy in Italy, where all other political parties, and even the Pdl (People of Freedom), which is one of the allies of the Northern League in the government, have rejected this proposition to separate italians from Immigrants in the future.

One of the most adamant voices was that of the Chamber of Deputies, Gianfranco Fini, who stated that this proposal is opposed to the italian constitution, which makes no difference regarding “skin colour, race or language”.

For his part, the leader of the democratic party, Dario Franceschini, considered that the proposal is an “awful signal” of the (political) direction the Northern League, which is one of the current governing Parties in Italy, is now taking.

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