It's Patriotism And Respect For The Constitution, Not A Parallel Universe
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January 7, 2011

HEY, COMMANDER SPOCK, NICE BEARD! ACLU supports gun rights, Gun Owners of America opposes.

The Commander Spock reference means that Reynolds thinks this sounds like a parallel universe. But when you click on the link, it's not. The ACLU is supporting gun rights for foreigners, Larry Pratt of GOA is saying that's not in the Constitution. It means that Gun Owners of America takes the "America" part of their name more seriously than the "American" Civil Liberties Union.

At issue is a legal permanent resident from Great Britain

The lawsuit was filed this week on behalf of British national Wayne Smith, who legally immigrated 30 years ago, and for years was able to get a concealed license. In 2002, however, South Dakota amended the law, making U.S. citizenship a requirement to carry a concealed weapon. When Smith went to renew his long-held permit last July, he was denied because he is permanent legal resident, not a citizen.

I personally think that lawful permanent residents should be able to get carry permits, but you'd have to be crazy to think that when the Framers added the Second Amendment to the Constitution, they intended it to permit the right of the British to keep and bear arms in America.

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