It's Not Profiling But The Accuracy Of The Profile That Matters
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In interesting news, Australian airlines are profiling male passengers out of concern to prevent unaccompanied minors from being molested. The radical left is up in arms about this profile.
The Age August 13, 2012 by Bridie Jabour

Nurse 'Humiliated' By Qantas Policy

A nurse was made to feel as if he had a sign that read "kiddie fiddler" over his head after he was moved away from a young girl on a Qantas flight, he said.

Daniel McCluskie said he had a similar experience to a firefighter on a Virgin Australia flight when he was made to switch seats with a woman because he was sitting next to an unaccompanied child.

Qantas has defended its policy, saying it is consistent with that of other airlines around the world and reflects parents' concerns.

Mr McCluskie, 31, is a senior nurse at the local health district in Wagga Wagga and was flying from the city to Sydney in June when he said he was humiliated by the cabin crew.

After the plane was in the air and the meals had been served, Mr McCluskie said he went to the back of the aircraft to ask why he had been moved and was told it was the policy of Qantas not to have men sit next to unaccompanied children.


The reporterette seemed apparently unconcerned, even though if she were profiled because of her Arab last name, I would bet there would be screams of concern about profiling.

Interestingly enough, the SF Weekly reported a case where profiling would have worked. Black crime is well known to the world, but United Airlines refused to profile an obvious risk, a 13-year old white female seated next to a Ugandan male. And the obvious happened. And the article was practically screaming for profiling of men.

SF Weekly June 15, 2009 by Ashley Harrell

Predators Are Free To Move About The Cabin

The daughter hugged her mother very tightly and started to cry. The mother cried, too, even before she learned that her daughter had allegedly been molested by a man seated next to her on the plane. The man, a widely known pastor from Uganda, has thousands of worshippers in churches he built across Africa, in addition to a radio station, ties to American politicians and spiritual leaders (Pat Robertson included), and an orphanage in Uganda where 1,000 abandoned children reside.

Of course the homosexualist rag thought the profile was those evil Christians with their heterosexual child molestation. Had this been a homosexual molestation, there would be no crying foul. And the reporterette seemed to relish the monies paid out by the airlines for not being the sex police. And it is only briefly that she mentions a possible homosexual angle on the molestation:
In going over the news stories, court documents, and FBI reports on the molestation cases, certain patterns begin to emerge. The predators were all adult males, although they did not fit any other stereotype. One was a computer consultant from India. Two were Hasidic Jews. Another was a world-renowned hairdresser from Savannah, Georgia.
What we do learn though is that it is not profiling that we should be worried about, but that the profile should be accurate. No immigrants on planes, no male hair-dressers, etc. Leave the white firefighters alone and concentrate on the problem, just as hijacking is a problem confined to people with certain last names...or religions.
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