It's Not Just The Poor—Mexico's Elites Are Giving Birth In America To Steal American Citizenship For Their Kids
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Please remember, it's not just the poor illegal aliens giving birth on U.S. soil to get birthright citizenship.  It is also the elites from around the world.

For example,  Baja California's lady Governor,  Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, just gave birth to a  son, Diego José Torres Avila, her second child to be born in a hospital in Brawley, CA, and thus be entitled from birth to American citizenship.

If the Republicans are to get rid of birthright citizenship, the case they need to advance will be one of the elites from China, Russia or Mexico who come to the United States just to drop one out over Magic Dirt.

Obviously, the Left will try the opposite tactic by emphasizing a dirt poor illegal alien who birthed a baby who went on to become a doctor or some such thing.  That should be countered by showing which ones grew up to be gangbangers, murderers, child rapists or other deadbeats.

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