It's Annual Subculturepalooza Day
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A reader writes:
Academy Awards: Woodstock for women, gays, and celebrities 
NBA All Star Game: Woodstock for blacks and rappers 
Daytona 500: Woodstock for southerners and country stars 
All on the same day! [Although rain has postponed the NASCAR race until Monday]
What's about SWPL whites, normal men, and country club Republicans? The NFL combine? Accenture Match Play championship? Our ruling elites are underserved if just for one day!


Yes, but plenty of white guys will win Oscars, so a few elite white men will be happy. The Oscar voters are 94% white and 77% male. (For some reason, the L.A. Times study that came up with this didn't ask about politics, sexual orientation, or religion/ethnicity.)
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