It’s All Racial Revenge: Anti-White Joy Reid Praises Black Officials Prosecuting Donald Trump As ”Wonderfully Poetic”
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Where were you when implicit whiteness verged on becoming explicit whiteness?

MSNBC host praises ‘DEI’ officials prosecuting Trump: ‘Wonderfully poetic’: Joy Reid applauded Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis and Letitia James as ‘DEIs’ pursuing Trump, Fox News, April 16, 2024

MSNBC host Joy Reid praised some of the Black public officials prosecuting former President Trump, saying Monday “my DEIs are bringing it home.”

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was the first person to criminally prosecute Trump, and it was “wonderfully poetic,” Reid said. DEI, which stands for diversity, equity and inclusion, has become a hot topic of debate as conservative governments like Florida and Texas have banned such programs from college campuses.

“But for me, there is something wonderfully poetic about the fact … the first person to actually criminally prosecute Donald Trump is a Black Harvard grad,” Reid said. “The very kind of person that his former staff, the people who worked for him, Steven Miller, etc., want to never be at Harvard Law School. But he was. And he came out and graduated, and he’s prosecuting you, Donald.”

“And a Black woman is doing that same exact thing in Georgia and a Black woman forced you to pay a $175 million fine,” Reid continued, referring to District Attorney Fani Willis in Georgia and New York Attorney General Letitia James. “Donald Trump is being held to account by the very multicultural, multiracial democracy that he’s trying to dismantle … It says something good about our country that we’re still capable of having that happen. Go, DEI. My DEIs are bringing it home.”

Joy Reid is the daughter of African immigrants, gloating about what black elected officials are doing to a white man whom she deems as a threat to black/DEI interests. What’s happening to Trump is nothing more than racial revenge from black officials, attempting to intimidate any other white individual who would dare rise and stand for the Historic American Nation. It doesn’t matter if platitudes for the Old America were a charade, what Trump did to scare the establishment was proof they know sufficient numbers of Americans still exist who believe in what has been displaced.

We are nearing the moment implicit whiteness becomes explicit. There’s no going back.

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