Israel's African Illegal Immigrants: US Taxpayers To The Rescue?
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South Tel Aviv

Anti African Refugee Demonstration in Southern Tel Aviv

If the foreign MSM is to be credited, Israel does not have an African Illegal Immigrant problem. It has a Right-Wing Politician Problem. A case in point is Israeli minister inflames racial tensions with attack on 'infiltrators' By Harriet Sherwood The Guardian Thursday 31 May, 2012

Israel's interior minister has risked further inflaming public sentiment against African migrants by saying that the area of Tel Aviv in which they are concentrated has become "the country's garbage can" …

Eli Yishai…repeated earlier calls for all migrants to be imprisoned "without exception". applauds his formulation:
"I sound like a racist, a benighted man or a xenophobe, but I'm motivated by love for my country and the knowledge that I don't have another country."
But deplores the all too likely solution: that Israel’s Camp of the Saints problem will be solved by shipping these “refugees” to America.

Happily, a better solution appears buried in NPR’s Racial Tensions Boil Over In Israel Michael Martin, Host May 30 2012. This interview is with the Tel Aviv correspondent of the Israeli Haaretz newspaper Ilan Lior. After listing the obvious measures being taken such as the border fence, Lior adds

...the fourth measure that the Israeli government is trying to take these days is making a deal with an African country - they're not revealing which country - that will be willing to accept all asylum seekers in return for money that Israel will give that country.
Since on the margin America pays for Israel’s activities, this means that the US Taxpayer will get the pleasure of funding this bribe.

It is a better solution than importing more Detroits

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