Israel Offers African “Refugees” a Deal to Leave
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Being a successful modern society, Israel is a magnet for Third World moochers. Africans have been arriving for a while and demanding to be taken in. They now number around 50,000. Seeing the demographic and national security threat, Israel is offering each African $3,500 plus a one-way ticket elsewhere or free housing in a jail cell.

Below, Africans camping in a Tel Aviv park. Some engage in crime to support themselves. African gangs roam beaches, looking for easy pickings.

Israel is a small country, slightly larger than New Jersey, with a population of around 8 million. It faces severe national security threats from hostile Islam states nearby and doesn’t need the aggravation of a growing welfare class within. Most of the Africans are likely just moochers looking for a first-world lifestyle, but the refugee claim is a handy ticket inside for active jihadists.

Israel is making a decision based upon the well being and safety of its own people, rather than the United Nations idea of the first world being a flophouse for the billions of the planet’s backward poor. Other first-world governments would be wise to follow Israel’s example.

Israel offers choice to African immigrants: Plane ticket or prison, UPI, May 14, 2015

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 14 (UPI) — The Israeli government appears to be serious about sending perhaps more than 50,000 African refugees out of the country.

The immigrants have largely come from Sudan and Eritrea over the last 10 years, but the Israeli government is now taking action to ship them out, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

Israeli officials will soon send letters to the immigrants offering a choice: $3,500 plus a one-way ticket to another destination, or stay and live behind bars. The immigrants have 30 days to make up their mind.

Some critics have accused Israel of hypocrisy, saying a nation that was founded by refugees fleeing war and poverty should be more gracious to others in the same predicament.

A mass exodus of refugees from various nations has marked recent times. On Wednesday, the Malaysian government announced it would no longer take refugees from Myanmar, who are crowding rickety boats to get there. Indonesia has also made such a declaration.

On Monday, the European Union started a push to gain U.N. authorization for military force in the Mediterranean Sea to crack down on immigrant-smuggling boats.

Fear among refugees is also rising. Many were shocked last month by a new video purportedly showing three Eritreans being executed by Islamic State terrorists in Libya. The three Eritreans were captured after they left Israel, the Post report said.

“We saw the video, but we thought maybe it wasn’t true, maybe it was just a hoax,” Eritrean refugee Aman Beyene, who lives in an Israeli detention camp, said. “Then we spoke to an Eritrean boy who had witnessed the killings, and we knew it was true.”

Israeli leaders say their tough approach might actually save refugee lives in the end, as they may not even attempt to make the trip — during which immigrants often succumb to illness or physical injury.

Immigrants from Africa started to enter Israel a decade ago, and government officials ultimately built a wall to stem the flow across their borders.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2012 called the immigrants “a threat to the social fabric of our society, our national security, our national identity … our existence as a Jewish and democratic state.” A member of Parliament called them “a cancer in our body.”

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