Is Your Baby A Racist?
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Is your family made up of all White people? How about all Black?

Do you live in an all-White neighborhood? An all Black neighborhood?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, your children may be the future racists of America.

Psychological Science [here] recently published a study in which at an age of as early as three months, babies showed a preference for faces that looked liked...wait for it...their parents. [Nature and Nurture in Own-Race Face Processing]

[Race matters to 3-month-olds, studies find, Feb. 12, 2006]

When an array of faces were flashed in front of these little tots, the babies gazed longer at and seemed to prefer those which shared the same color as their family members or people they see everyday. Apparently, this is racism in the making.

“Early preferences for own-race faces may contribute to race-related biases later in life,” psychologists wrote in a paper on a study published in the February issue of the research journal Psychological Science. Typically, “by the age of 4 to 6 years, children already display racial stereotyping and prejudice in a variety of contexts.”'s racial stereotyping and prejudice!

I can see it now:

A six month-old White baby snatches a Pat the Bunny toy from a Black baby at a Day Care Center in St. Joseph, Missouri...a local judge sentences him to one year in Baby Jail for petty theft with a hate crime enhancement.

Well, duh! Everybody knows that the secret to raising a healthy, non-racist baby is:

1. Breast feeding 2. All shots completed by the age of 2 3. Keep them in car seats until 6/60 and above all... 4. Do not reproduce with a member of your own race—it just sends the wrong message to your kids.

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