Is Phil Kent's only defender?
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I see the Lynch Mob being assembled to prevent Immigration Patriot Phil Kent being appointed to the Georgia Immigration Enforcement Review Board is getting really worked up. Peter Brimelow discussed this situation in Phil Kent, Jay Bookman – And the Hitler’s Revenge” Paradox on Wednesday.

Yesterday the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

"Kent’s critics have started a petition drive to oust him from the Immigration Enforcement Review Board. Started by Steve Golden of the Young Democrats of Georgia, the petition calls Kent a “nativist” who uses “intense racist imagery to convey his terrible beliefs”."

More pressure on Gov. Deal to oust immigration board member By Jeremy Redmon September 8, 2011

Golden’s view apparently is that anyone who dissents from the Open Borders consensus and considers the matter from the point of view of white Americans is immoral. Probably he thinks it should be illegal too.

Ask Steve Golden why white interests should not be represented?


Sadly Google News has collected only anti-Kent stories and blogs. Our own comment has not been picked up for some reason and the implication is that no one else at all on the Patriot side has defended him. Can this really be so?


Nathan Deal had a fine record as a Congressman and his election as Governor raised high hopes. This is probably why the Lynch Mob has been mobilized - to break his nerve as soon as possible. hopes he has the steel.

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