Is There A Difference In How White Men And Black Men Fight?
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The New York Times claims that Tucker Carlson was fired for deploring three Trump supporters attacking one Antifa, saying, among other reasons why that is bad, “It’s not how white men fight.”

That raises the criminological question: Are there any data that blacks are more likely to attack en masse?

Yes, quite a bit. For example, from the National Criminal Victimization Survey:

Back in 2020 I wrote about the NCVS:

One downside of the NCVS, though, is that victims of murder, the most serious crime, aren’t around anymore to answer questions. In contrast, the FBI’s murder statistics are fairly reliable because a dead body demands attention.

On the other hand, many lesser crimes are not reported to the police. Whites in 2019 said that they reported 37 percent of their violent victimizations to the police versus about 49 percent among other races. So the NCVS may do a better job of covering lesser crimes than murder than do the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting.

Another issue with the NCVS is of course that it relies on unverified responses. That’s a fundamental aspect of the methodology. Also, the initial interviews are conducted of all members of a household over 11, so it’s assumed that some cases of domestic violence are swept under the rug by interviewees. Moreover, the NCVS only interviews in homes, not in jails and homeless encampments. And hardcore criminals probably seldom agree to be interviewed.

While the NCVS data is hardly foolproof, it’s an important complement to other crime statistics.

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