Is The Department Of Labor Hiding Jobs From Americans?
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My friend Kim Berry, president of the Programmers Guild that fights to protect American jobs against outsourcing has forwarded an alarming story to me.

According to a blog item posted on InfoWorld.Com, the Department of Labor has repeatedly refused to post as many as 27, 788 job openings—mostly for software engineers— on its website. The DOL has “stonewalled” requests from organizations like Berry’s to do so.

This means, obviously, that Americans cannot apply for those jobs. And, by extension, it also means that those job openings are likely to be filled by H-1B visa holders.

Strange, that the DOL is working against its own citizens since the agency’s full name is the UNITED STATES Department of Labor.

And according to Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao, the DOL is “committed to excellence on behalf of American workers and taxpayers.”

But if Chao is truly “committed to excellence,” then Americans would at least be given a fighting chance to interview for those currently invisible jobs.

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