Is Representative Government Over?
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Today's Senate vote against the sovereignty of this nation shows how far we have fallen from the government which the founders envisioned.

Let's review. A government report said the Senate amnesty bill would only reduce illegal immigration by 25 percent. A reputable think tank analyst found that the legislation would cost $2.6 trillion in retirement costs alone, hastening the collapse of the Social Security system.

Polls consistently showed that American citizens are against the Senate amnesty bill. Phones were ringing off the hooks in Senate offices against the legislation. Constituents were contacting their Senators in enormous numbers that they wanted the horrible bill put down. A caller to the popular John and Ken Show today said he contacted Rep Pence's office which said that not one constituent who had called supported the bill.

The Senate bill will be a boon to terrorists also. That's because national security takes a back seat to the demands of amnesty supporters. Elite Washington has apparently decided that the consequence of a few nuked cities is an acceptable price to pay for slave-cheap labor from the third world.

Furthermore, the years of reticence to speak out on this issue from bogus accusations of racism appear to be over. Citizens see the American nation is under attack as never before and are responding in anger.

It was all out there in the open. The elites wanted open borders and the resulting slave-lite labor. The American people made it clear they want immigration to be under control and sovereignty maintained.

And yet. Only 35 members of the Senate voted against amnesty by voting against cloture.

What does this tell you about the state of representative government today?

It is hanging by a thread. Only a handful of Senators oppose the globalist scheme to destroy American borders and sovereignty. The majority serve the corporations that plan a business-run planet of the future, where annoying ideas of the rights of citizens have been eliminated. In the post-national feudal globalist future, we will all be happy consumers! Let's go shop!

Americans have little noticed the gradually increasing power of corporations in running the country. As a result, business interests may now feel that are so entrenched and strong that they no longer need to hide their influence over government institutions. The current bill may be a milestone by Senators becoming so arrogant that they don't feel the need to respond to constituent concerns. Anyway, with both political parties on board for the erasure of borders, for whom will citizens vote?

However, this struggle is anything but over, even in the corrupt Senate. Another cloture vote will occur on Thursday. The unholy deal could still totter and fall in the secret backrooms from which it came. Still more noise from us pitchfork types wouldn't hurt.

The House is far more in touch with public sentiment than the House of Lords, er Senate. Rep. Ed Royce noted on the John and Ken radio show today that a meeting of the Republican conference today voted against the Senate bill, 114 against versus 23 for.

But we must conclude that the Senate no longer even pretends to represent the well being and desires of the American people.

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