Is a Tax Strike the Solution to Obamism?
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Often, contemplating the current regime’s machinations and plans gets me feeling down and out. What can you do? Criticizing the John Doe calling himself Barack Obama and his politics can get you called a ”racist,” fired from your job, arrested, or worse. Is resistance hopeless?

And then, of all places, in the New York Times, I found a very practical suggestion. The poster, ”Dr. Paul,” clearly a Ron Pal supporter, was commenting on one of the Times’ lie-filled editorials on Arizona’s SB 1070.

187. DrPaul Los Angeles April 30th, 2010 5:00 pm

The NYT, Democrats in general, and other open borders extremists tell us that it's impossible for us to deport 12 million or more illegals. That our legal system cannot handle that size task. So, we're told, accept open borders and learn to live with it. Well, perhaps American citizens can take advantage of the 'too big illegality to stop' by engaging in massive tax protest. What if 100 million or so American citizens declare 10, 30, or even 100 dependents on their tax forms, whatever is necessary to cause zero dollars to be withheld each month from their salaries. This would remove so much money from the Federal Government, it would shake it to its core, just like illegal immigration is shaking America to its core. But of course, just like the 'too many to deport' meme, the tax refusers would be 'too many to prosecute', right? America is rapidly approaching the point where ordinary Americans are going to refuse to cooperate with a system that lavishes rights on everybody but the law abiding.

Now, we at do not recommend to anyone that he break the law, but … given that the suggestion is already on the table… let us ponder it.

I think the commenter’s suggestion is impractical, in that listing so many dependents would cause the revenuers to come kicking his door down, but between five and nine dependents would more likely not cause notice.

But at the end of the year, he who wishes to engage in civil disobedience via the IRS (two can play that game!) can just go to one of the many ”creative” tax preparers of long standing in every commercial neighborhood, and those guys’ll fix him right up, so that he does from owing thousands of dollars in federal, state, and local taxes to getting substantial refunds.

The Boss used to tell me about how her West Indian and Filipino girlfriends at work were all getting back much more money each year than us, in spite of the fact that they were all in a higher tax bracket. So, I went to one of those guys, who set me up so sweetly, that when The Boss saw the results, she made me go back and pay him to re-do our taxes, so that we didn’t come out quite so well! She was afraid that the IRS would make inquiries, and she’d end up deported!

Either her girlfriends were exaggerating about their tax refunds, or they and their husbands were likely filing individual returns, and each naming their kids as dependents, as well as listing all of their household expenses and deductions (e.g., the mortgage interest tax deduction, etc.) twice.

(Unrelated to taxes but also of interest to students of diversity, although none of The Boss’ girlfriends qualifies for free school breakfasts and lunches, they all lie about their income, so that their kids get them.)

To paraphrase Justice Jackson, citizenship is not a suicide pact.

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