Ireland Notes McCain Pandering In English To The Irish
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The shamrock open-borders hucksters in Ireland and the US were cheered up by McCain's total reversion to Sen. McKennedy McAmnesty, following his promise on Univision a few days earlier to work for immigration lawbreaker forgiveness starting "the first day." The Senator reiterated his enthusiasm for open borders before an Irish-American audience — probably to assure non-Mexicans that he doesn't discriminate.

Following is a report from the press in Ireland about McCain's recent pander-fest event.

IRELAND became the focus of the US election campaign yesterday when John McCain addressed the Irish American Presidential Forum in the northeastern Pennsylvania town of Scranton and Barack Obama rolled out some of the biggest names in Irish-American politics to rubbish his opponent's credentials on Irish issues. Mr McCain said he would continue to appoint a special envoy for Northern Ireland and promised thousands of undocumented Irish immigrants in the US that he would introduce measures to enable them to remain in the country legally.
"There are 50,000 Irish men and women who are in this country illegally at this time, who are hardworking people who want to become citizens," he said. [Green card in play as McCain pledges to aid Irish illegals, Irish Times, Dublin, Sept 23, 2008]

Hey, what happened to McCain's promise to American sovereignty voters that he had gotten the message about borders and immigration enforcement? We do vote in great numbers.

Below, a briefo clip of the McAmnesty agenda which clearly indicates the man's passion for endless unregulated immigration, not sovereignty.

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