Ireland Californicating: Why?
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Right on the heels of Peter Brimelow's ruminations on White Texan's possible responses to minority status comes another great post by The Irish Savant: Hallelulia - Ireland becomes ever more diverse! ( note: Stupid Blogger content warning can be safely ignored.)

I see in today's Irish Times (print edition) that this country has one of the highest fertility rates in Europe, up slightly on previous years...This is surprising...dire economic conditions usually lead to reduced fertility levels. And we know that an average of 1,000 young Irish people are leaving every week to escape unemployment here, now at a rate of 14%.
What could the explanation be? Well, a closer look at the figures tells us that 75% of the births are to Irish nationals. That, of course, is the MSM's way of not telling us that 25% of the births are to non-Irish nationals.

The Irish Savant expresses the view that immigrants in Ireland are triple the proportion officially admitted which means

foreigners are breeding at a rate nearly three times that of the native Irish - eight times higher if you take the official statistics

Many of these are African Blacks and Muslims — the most unpromising immigrant material.

IS concludes

You don't need a calculator to work out what's happening. A quarter of our births are to foreigners. And they're breeding at a rate at least three times faster than ours. Meanwhile 50,000 young Irish—the fertile cohort - are emigrating every year.
There's actually an expression for this kind of thing. What is it again?
Oh yes, I remember now. It's called Population Replacement.

Ireland is on its way to California's disaster - a situation The Irish Savant knows well. In California's case, I blame the Neocons. In Ireland's case, the local political elite are of course in the first instance responsible... but as in everything else, the example of America has magnetism Americans sometimes underestimate.

America really is a Light Unto the Nations... right into the abyss.

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