Iraq Veteran Jesse Kelly, Top Conservative Commentator Says "White People Should Seriously Consider Walking Away From The Military’
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Where were you when the tide turned? [Jesse Kelly: ‘White people should seriously consider walking away from the military’,, March 16, 2023]:

Conservative commentator and frequent Fox News guest Jesse Kelly has called for white people to “seriously consider” abandoning the U.S. military over its “woke” priorities.

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“Getting to the point where white people should seriously consider walking away from the military and just letting it implode on itself. If you wanna serve, go run for sheriff and prepare your community for the times to come,” he tweeted Wednesday.

Kelly himself spent four years in the Marine Corps, deploying to Iraq in 2003.

Seriously, when top Conservatives talk like this… the Global American Empire (GAE) is inadvertently on life support.

He’s right: walk away.

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