Iranian In Santa Suit Kills Family, Self
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And it was a man in a Santa suit who was found at the scene of a mass murder in the small town of Grapevine, Texas. But it was an Iranian in a Santa suit, a man named Aziz Yazdanpanah who apparently couldn't handle the fact that he was separated from his wife, and killed her and the children. Yet another case of immigrant mass murder syndrome, a crime that might not have happened if the Yazdanpanah family had stayed home, and one that certainly wouldn't have happened in America.

Grapevine massacre victim sought divorce from gunman
by SUSY SOLIS WFAA Posted on December 26, 2011 at 5:11 PM
Updated today at 6:18 PM GRAPEVINE — We're learning more about the Christmas Day massacre in Grapevine that left seven people dead. Police Monday revealed that the gunman was dressed in a Santa Claus outfit and waited until the presents were opened to kill the victims and then himself. Neighbors confirmed to News 8 the identities of at least four of the victims in the tragedy.
Grapevine police say it was an apparent murder-suicide that took place right after a Christmas celebration, and say the shooter was wearing a Santa suit when he got out of his Toyota 4-Runner. A neighbor confirms the vehicle belongs to Aziz Yazdanpanah, the alleged shooter, who lived in nearby Colleyville. "Just a really nice guy, and whenever I saw him with his kids he was all about his kids," said neighbor Terri Baum. "He was the perfect neighbor." Neighbors said Yazdanpanah and his wife, Fatemeh Rahmadi, separated months ago when she moved into the Grapevine apartment where the shooting took place. The couple's oldest daughter — 19-year-old Nona Yazdanpanah — was a Tarrant County College student who had just graduated from Colleyville Heritage High School along with her best friend, Allison Baum.
"It was just family issues, just typical family issues," Baum said. "The mom and dad didn't get along. The dad was never violent, never did anything to hurt them. He loved his kids and he was a good dad." Dozens of friends posted messages of condolence on Nona's Facebook page. "I've written on her Facebook wall as kind of a memorial thing, but my immediate reaction was to text her — even though I knew she wouldn't answer," Allison Baum said.[More]
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