IQ and Ethnic Empowerment In Rotterdam
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A friend sent me this, headed "Funny IQ Story Of The Day"
Tuesday, June 9, 2009 Rotterdam Mayor: Antillean and Moroccan Criminals have Low IQ

The mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb (Labor) says he is shocked by the fact that Moroccan and Antillean youngsters who are arrested, have been found to have a very low IQ. ”It is so low,” he said, ”that one can not do very much with them.” In addition one often finds a serious type of schizophrenia among the Moroccans.[Dutch link]

I'm just surprised to learn that the Mayor of Rotterdam is called Ahmed Aboutaleb. Sample Guardian story: Holland's first immigrant mayor is hailed as 'Obama on the Maas' | The son of a Moroccan preacher has become the new figurehead of Rotterdam, a city once known for its flirtation with the radical right .[January 11 2009] I am also wondering what the headlines would be like if Geert Wilders had said that the jails were full of low-IQ immigrants.
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