Introducing Nepemnr's Books of the West Podcast
Print Friendly and PDF is happy to announce that we will begin carrying a new podcast about books in the Alt-Right sphere. It is called “Books of the West” and it is intended to address new books by interesting authors (as defined by us) or of interest to immigration patriots, Alt-or-Dissident Righters, and other possibly Politically Incorrect audiences. More information follows, but if you’re ready to listen you can find the first two posts here:

What’s this podcast about? For several years, editor Peter Brimelow has bemoaned his inability to properly address the many new and interesting books that arrive in our offices on a weekly basis. While Books of the West is not formally a project of the VDARE Foundation, it is our hope that this podcast, produced by Nepemnr for his new blog, Blog of the West, will pick up the ball where we have dropped it.

In his own words:

We here at Blog of the West are good at reading the writing on the wall, and scoff at the propositional nation-state. We take seriously what The West faces in the coming decades.

We don't want our children to grow up in a notion, an economy, or a democratic experiment.

We want our children growing up in a western state, and not an idea based on principles.

Blog of The West and our podcast, Books of The West hope to bring you the tools you will need for intellectual self-defense.  Join us!

The format is long-form interview with the author, both about themselves and their own lives, their philosophies, and, of course, their written works. Topics will include the problems with mass immigration in the United State and abroad, culture wars, human biodiversity and general red-pillery.

How often will you have new episodes? Books of the West in current form is unusually lengthy, with the first few episodes being about hour long. There are reasons for this – Nepemnr avoids the cursory in favor of the in-depth. But the podcast may evolve as we figure out what formats and approaches best deliver the material. The aim is to produce a new episode every two weeks or so.

Does it cost anything? No. It’s free. But as with everything at, it requires many hours of research, preparation and editing. is a non-profit journalistic enterprise funded through donations from readers like you. All donations are tax deductible. Donate today at here..

How do I listen? You can listen via the web here, but many podcast listeners download their podcasts onto their smartphones through podcast apps. iPhone users have a native app called Podcasts, while Android users have a choice of lots of apps, including Soundcloud. Once you’re in the relevant app, type “Blog of the West” into the search box and our podcast should pop up. Blog of the West does allow comments, so if you’d like to engage, visit

Let us know if you have any other questions, and especially if you have book recommendations. And please give the podcast a listen. As always, we welcome your feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

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