Interviewing HBD Chick
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At Hoover Hog, Chip Smith interviews HBD Chick.

On boys v. girls in the HBDsphere:
I confess that all the psychometric technical stuff often makes my eyes glaze over! I commented to someone recently that I think that’s why the focus of my own blogging has been geared more (much more!) towards mating patterns and altruism and the nature of extended families and clans rather than IQ. I mean, who marries whom and which families fight with each other?  It’s like following a big soap opera!  (~_^)
This extended family structure stuff that HBD Chick specializes in strikes me as hugely important for understanding cultural differences around the world (and even perhaps genetic differences that flow from the cultural differences), but also dauntingly difficult for me to wrap my male brain around. (I've sometimes had to ask my wife how exactly I'm related to various members of my own extended family, even though I've known them a lot longer than she has.)
HBD Chick reminds me of (a much more cheerful version) of Jessica Chastain's character in Zero Dark Thirty. She finds Osama not by kicking in his door, but by being able to keep track of individual relationships within a vast network of interlocking extended families that make up the core of Al-Qaeda.
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