Interesting Audacious Epigone Mid-Term Comments
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The industrious blog The Audacious Epigone has published an extensive series of reflections on the election: We are doomed (economically) and other mid-term election observations Sunday, November 07,2010.

Of particular interest to readers

” among those who care about illegal immigration the most, Republicans won big, 69%-26%.

To me that means that getting voters to think about immigration is a winner for the GOP. Audacious Epigone sees matters differently, but does note that by only asking voters about the less radioactive topic of immigration as distinct from illegal immigration, exit pollsters succeed in underreporting the public’s level of concern in the overall issue.

” McCain won in Arizona for Sailer Strategy reasons:

He lost 40%-57% among Hispanics to Rodney Glassman…Yet…still sailed to an easy victory because he won the far more important white vote by a wide margin, 64%-29%.

” Kentucky offers another reason to find joy in the phrase "the children are our future". Rand Paul pulled off a nearly impossible feat for a Republican in a tight statewide election—he won the 18-24 year old vote, 52%-47%.

” Despite the presumption many have of Christine O'Donnell as a Christian kook, she won among whites in Delaware, 51%-45%. She lost her Senate bid because more than one-fifth of the state's electorate is black, and blacks voted against her 93%-6%, nearly the same rate that blacks voted for Obama in the '08 presidential election.

Audacious Epigone has audaciously proposed a reason for this gap, but Peter Brimelow has prudishly forbidden me from quoting it.

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