"Integration" Goes Into Reverse In U.K., Despite Nation-Breaking Mass Immigration
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It's so long been an article of faith among Cultural Marxists/ Multiculturalists that their positions are favored Especially Among The Young that this British study is a useful reminder they're not always (ever?) right: Multiculturalism in reverse as teenagers buck the trend towards integration|Teenagers no more integrated with other races than the middle aged, major new study of Britain’s friendship circles shows, by John Bingham, Sunday Telegraph, June 29, 2014:
Decades of efforts to promote multiculturalism have gone into reverse, major new research showing teenagers are no more likely to mix with people from other racial backgrounds than those 40 years older suggests.

The study, which analyses the social lives of almost 4,300 people from 13 to 80, shows that a clear trend towards each successive generation becoming more integrated than the one before breaks down when it comes to under-18s.

Despite growing up in more diverse society than ever before at a time when mass migration has transformed the make-up of Britain, today’s teenagers have almost 30 per cent fewer friends from other ethnic backgrounds than people in their 20s and early 30s.
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The obvious questions: just who is making these "efforts to promote multiculturalism"? Why has "mass migration...transformed the make-up of Britain"?

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