Instapundit On Censorware
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From what I can tell, the Taliban have fled Afghanistan and now run the Human Resources and IT departments at major American April 25, 2007-

He's talking about this report:Report: 80 percent of blogs contain "offensive" content[Read the actual report in PDF]

They say that one use of the "F" word turns a blog offensive, which means that among others, the LA Times is offensive, because a story about violence by Correctional Officers, quotes a Correctional Officer as using it. (I believe this word is frequently used in prisons, by guards and inmates alike.)

As for, which is accused by these Censorware morons of hate, we try not use bad language, including racial epithets. However, a man in Iowa was fired from his job for using the word "Mexican" to describe...a Mexican. There's no pleasing some people.

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