Instapundit And The Cobb County Killing That ISN'T A National Scandal
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I was sturprised to see this link on Instapundit from law professor Glenn Reynolds:

July 11, 2013

WHERE’S THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT: Cobb County man slaughtered in random hate crime mob attack.

That's because he's linking to a Council Of Conservative Citizens version of the story:

Cobb County man slaughtered in random hate crime mob attack

Update: Atlanta Journal-Constitution runs insulting article downplaying the attack.

On July 1st a group of black gang members brutally attacked and beat a random white pedestrian in Cobb County, Georgia. He was then knocked onto the road where he was hit by oncoming traffic.

This story received minor coverage in the local news. If the races had been reversed this would be the biggest news story in the United States. It would have knocked the Zimmerman trial out of the news.

From Marietta Daily Journal…

Four south Cobb teenagers are in custody in connection with the beating death of a 36-year-old Mableton man on Mableton Parkway early Sunday morning.

The incident initially was reported by police as a hit-and-run death over the weekend, but the narrative changed drastically Tuesday after the arrests of four teenagers on murder charges.

Jekari Oshay Strozier, 19; Antonio Shantwan Pass, 18; and Johnathan Donald Anthony, 18; all from Mableton, are in the Cobb County jail without bonds on charges of felony murder, aggravated assault and violation of the Georgia Street Gang Act.

Since it is the Council Of Conservative Citizens, who I believe the $PLC hates even more than they hate us or Jared Taylor, they use the word "black" to describe the accused:"black gang members ". The words black, African-American, "person of color", or minority do not appear in the Marietta Daily Journal story:Mableton teens linked to gang are accused in beating death,  by Lindsay Field, July 03, 2013.

They do provide the photographs above, as well as the extremely suggestive names of the accused.

There's also a photgraph of the white victim, Joshua Chellew:

Joshua Chellew

He has an update which suggests that the death of Joshua Chellew, at the hands of four "unarmed" black teenagers, has elements in common with the Howard Beach incident of  1986, on which Tom Wolfe's Bonfire Of The Vanities was based. (Instapundit is kidding about "that's a relief.")

WELL, THAT’S A RELIEF: Police: Mableton fatal assault not racially motivated.

The deadly assault of a Mableton man has become a national story, at least online, with several web sites and blogs claiming Joshua Chellew was killed because he was white.

Initially reported as a hit-and-run, police now say Chellew died June 30 after an attack by four black teenagers in Cobb County.

According to the arrest warrant, the 36-year-old victim was repeatedly punched and kicked by the youths outside a Chevron gas station. Chellew, badly beaten, eventually stumbled onto Mableton Parkway, where he was run over. He died at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Witnesses told police that the four suspects made no attempt to aid Chellew or stop the approaching vehicle that hit him. The driver of that car was not charged, said Cobb Police Sgt. Dana Pierce.

A brutal crime, no question, but not one fueled by racial animosity, according to investigators.

“This was not racially motivated,” Pierce told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Cobb County police are investigating this like any other crime.”

Read the whole thing.

In the Howard Beach incident, a bunch of young men (white) were chasing a bunch of other young men (black) out of their neighborhood, and one of the young black men was run over by a car. Three white guys went to jail for that, and no one in the DA's office or the MSM ever suggested it wasn't racially motivated. (Although it may not have been.)

In the meantime, Joshua Chellew's death, is, as reported in a local paper "a national story, at least online" meaning that you know about it, I know about, but Nancy Grace, the President, and MSNBC haven't a clue.

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