Infrastructure Blowout
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This week, everybody who is anybody has started demanding a huge increase in government infrastructure spending to prevent the country from falling into recession.

Doesn't anybody have any idea how long it takes these days to get started on major infrastructure projects? I'm familiar with golf courses in California, which are pretty small potatoes, and yet they take 8 to 15 years of environmental and other hearings before any dirt gets turned.

Is the Democratic Congress really going to suspend the Environmental Protection Act and all the rest of the environmental impedimentia?

I do know of one current infrastructure project, however, that the government is currently piddling along on, doing a half-assed job, that it would make perfect sense to triple in size and go immediately to three shifts U.S.S. Yorktown-style: the Border Fence.

By the way, would it be too much to ask that jobs on these FDR-style public works projects be open only to American citizens?

We spent the first 8 years of this decade having foreign nationals build the exurbs of Las Vegas—how's that working out for us lately?

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