Informationweek On The IT Worker "Shortage"
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Informationweek published a good series of articles on the debate about IT worker shortages. Dr. Ron Hira's article "No, The Tech Skills Shortage Doesn't Exist" is particularly good. Overall the arguments on both sides are debated skillfully, except for one moronic statement by Chris Murphy:
But our recent survey found something surprising: Business technology managers and staffers hold very similar views on whether there's a shortage. About two-thirds of both groups see some signs of a shortage.
I almost was willing to give Murphy the benefit of the doubt because he included "staffers" with managers, which at first blush seems to balance the survey out. The problem is that the staffers are just a bunch of HR toadies. How's that for a scientific survey?
The most prevalent view—by 45% of managers and 40% of staff—is that there's a shortage only in certain IT specialties and some geographies. Another quarter of staffers and 29% of managers see a shortage in many IT areas, according to our survey of 893 managers and 270 staffers involved in the IT hiring process.
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