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We have a real phone number at, and we answer it (860-361-6231). I've been told by other professional fundraisers that telephone is far inferior to in-person when it comes to asking for money, and that may well be true. But as the President of a growing organization, fundraising is only one of several of the hats I wear and I can't always travel around the world to develop our relationships, especially in the era of COVID-19. So I call people, and many of those whom I call have become good friends. That is most definitely true of the donor whose Open Letter is included below. Over the course of many hours on the phone, he has provided excellent counsel and personal support. And over the course of several years he has extended heroic levels of financial support as well.

I asked him to share with you readers his perspective on why he has dedicated so much to and patriotic immigration reform. I hope you find it as inspirational as I do! 

Dear Friends, is no charity to me, it is an investment in a country I can live in and pass on to our children. As investors we seek out leverage points that maximize our opportunity. Any investor is familiar with the constant influx of hype from financial media and marketers claiming that this or that is an unprecedented or generational opportunity. This is rarely the case, but every now and again such opportunities do arise. Such an inflection point is now at hand, and was made for such a time as this. 

Our southern border is a gaping sieve spewing a torrent of pestilence into our country, crime and lawlessness are endemic, and COVID-19 scam totalitarians are running amok as establishment media makes a mockery of a once free press. But addicts have to hit bottom before they turn, and so it may be with the dire strait of our republic in cultural decline. In all their hubris and arrogance they’re overreaching, and their corruption -- and the untold needless suffering it fosters and perpetuates -- is being stripped and exposed for what it is; an orchestrated war against our people, and especially our working class that make this country run. 

Sometime back in the 1990s I came across a piece by Pat Buchanan that first alerted me to the grave threat of uncontrolled immigration; a piece which today has been borne out as prophetic in its scope. In the 25-30 years since I’ve never seen anything like what I’m seeing now. Our people are at or very close to their breaking point. The people are stirring, and the rise of Trump and our recent elections in Virginia & elsewhere are mere harbingers of the great backlash to come. It’s close to critical mass, and when it hits that will be the inflection point. The question is, which direction will it take?

History alone does not bode well here, as it is replete with Robespierres and Bolsheviks and Maos filling the vacuum left with an uninformed and stupefied citizenry anesthetized to its own destruction. This is where comes in. With their voice we shall leave no vacuum to be filled with the toxic fodder of tyrants. is not only home to so many of the great writers of our movement, but more importantly our most fearless.

Our fight is not lost. What looks like our darkest hour may actually be our looming inflection point. Our forefathers left us the legacy to blaze the trail.

Our fight is not lost, it is yet to come and they’ve gravely underestimated the resolve and conviction of patriots everywhere… people like you and me. We are the guardians and stewards of our republic and is our biggest gun. Let’s feed it, and God Bless You All!

Please donate today! 



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