Inexperienced: The Latest New Code Word
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In a recent VDARE column, I wrote that, "When it comes to... criticism of Obama, even the most obviously non-racial disparagement of Obama has been seen as cloaked bigotry." The two criticisms I brought up specifically were "radical" and "elitist." However, it looks like I missed an even more outrageous "code word." According to a Reuters article last thursday,
References to his alleged ”inexperience” as a one-term U.S. Senator...could also be seen as subtle racial digs, political commentators say.

Inexperience might be a substitute for an idea with roots in the era of U.S. slavery that African Americans couldn’t be trusted.[When it comes to race, U.S. politicians talk in code, By Matthew Bigg, Reuters, August 14, 2008]

Although ridiculous, I can see at least some sort of logical plausibility over how "elitist" or "radical" could be a "code word." However, I am still scratching my head as to how these people think "inexperienced" has anything to do with slavery.
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