Indian Press on H-1b/Outsourcing
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What is important to get is this is being written by an Indian in an Indian publication:

Pulkit Sharma writes

An Indian IT/BPO company gets an outsourcing contract. One element of such a contract is to train Indians to run the show, the other element is to ”let go’ Americans and Europeans working in that particular IT/BPO companies. Many Indian managers use psychological warfare and dirty tactics to drum westerners out of the company that has outsourced business to them. Western tech employees cost more and have the confidence to speak their minds. Indian workers are more malleable.[Outsourcing victim speaks, September 2, 2009]
Machiavelli once said that once you start a process of oppression, it must be followed through on, a leader who lets up once it starts must expect serious retribution. In this case, I think the problems with immigration policy started much earlier. The US economy has become steadily less egalitarian since the 1960's immigration expansion-and the wages of men have stagnated.

Indians have become a highly visible scapegoat for a much larger, older phenomena that few of them understand well. I think the pent up anger and frustration here is very, very deep-and involves a lot more than H-1b and outsourcing.

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