India Creates State Orphanages for Millions of Unwanted Girls
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India's construction of orphanages to raise unwanted girls who would otherwise be eradicated in the misogynist society should be recognized as another nail in the coffin of multiculturalism.

Dubbed the "cradle scheme," the plan is an attempt to slow the practice that international groups say has killed more than 10 million female fetuses in the last two decades, leading to an alarming imbalance in the ratio between males and females in India, Renuka Chowdhury, the minister of state for women and child development, told the Press Trust of India news agency in an interview published Sunday. [Indian Gov't to Raise Unwanted Girls, Washington Post 2/18/07]

All cultures are clearly NOT morally equal (as diversity advocates argue), as evidenced by the horrific treatment of women and girls in the Third World. India is particularly egregious, with its arrogant attitude of superiority for having an alleged spiritual culture — for having invented yoga and meditation — even as Indians continue to eliminate tens of millions of females.

Some sociologists believe a severe gender imbalance of the sort which is growing in Red China and India creates a dangerous instability because of millions of restless young men at loose ends. Leaders may decide that a foreign military adventure is preferable to internal strife. Unmarried men are seen as the perfect cannon fodder, since they have no annoying families complaining about their fate.

Furthermore, India's "model" immigrants bring their despicable practices to America, as shown by ads in immigrant newspapers pitching sex-selection services to rid Indians of their unwanted girls.

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