Inadvertently, ZEROHEDGE Illustrates The Catastrophic Impact Of Excessive Immigation On Ordinary Americans
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H/T ZeroHedge (click to enlarge)

I strongly recommend to everyone the dissident financial webzine ZeroHedge. It is willing to name names.

Also to provide great charts. Why The "1%" Hates The Gold Standard Taylor Durden 02/20/2015 argues that the huge wealth transfer over the last generation was due to the abandonment of the gold exchange standard in 1971.

I do not agree. To me the chart above demonstrates the impact of the 1965 immigration Act disaster on unPlutocratic Americans. But it is a valuable graphic.

There have been signs that ZeroHedge has got the Mat Taibbi message on immigration. But the data they originate is frequently very pertinent.


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